Bath | January 18, 2021

Just Launched: Our New LOVE Bath Line Encourages You to Practice a Self-Love Ritual Every Day

Introducing our new LOVE Bath Care Regimen! The LOVE line celebrates loving yourself from the inside out – encouraging you to practice self-love daily through your bath time rituals. Crafted with peony and patchouli fragrance and a powerful blend of natural aphrodisiac extracts, pink peppercorn, and guarana, the LOVE line awakens sensations and ignites your inner cravings during moments of "me time."

Inspired by our apothecary roots, J.R Watkins uses mood-enhancing and skin-nourishing plant-based ingredients within every formula. The LOVE line is infused with: 

Pink Peppercorn - Known to boost sexual desire
Guarana - Known to increase sexual stimulation
Jojoba - Known to smooths and hydrates skin 
Chamomile - Known to relieve inflammation 
Cactus - Known to hydrate skin 
Calendula - Known to protect skins collagen 

The LOVE line is crafted with a floral fragrance infused with delicate pink peony petals and patchouli creating a sweet, sensual aroma powerful enough to reconnect us with ourselves. 

Top Notes - Bergamot, Green Tea, Pink Pepper
Middle Notes - Jasmine, Peony, Freesia
Bottom Notes - Musk, Orchid, Patchouli

Discover more about our newest products and the benefits they bring to your mind and body. 
Our Aromatherapy In-Shower Mist was voted best shower product of 2020 by both Oprah Magazine and Refinery 29. The LOVE Aromatherapy In-Shower Mist offers the same experience, but with a delicate, floral scent for a more sensual aroma. 

Benefits For Your Skin and Your Mood: Transform your shower into a spa-like steam room to soothe the mind and hydrate the skin 

Ritual: Put on a relaxing playlist, turn on the shower, and spray two to three times around the water stream and on the shower walls to release the sensual aroma. Breathe in and take a sweet escape elsewhere for a moment. 

A warm, relaxing soak in the bath is further enhanced with this mess-free liquid bath bomb. (Meaning, you can soak without the worry of having to scrub the bath later at the back of your mind.)

Benefits For Your Skin and Your Mood: A luxurious alternative to salt soaks or bath bombs, free of soapy or grainy residue - offering the same aromatherapy and skin-nourishing benefits as a regular bath bomb, sans the soapy, grainy residue

Ritual: Pour two to three capfuls into warm running water, breathe in the therapeutic aroma, and dim the lights for a sweet escape for a few moments 

Our newest product added to our body care regimen is our Body Oil Mist. Reveal supple, smooth, hydrated skin with every use. 

Benefits For Your Skin and Your Mood: A hydrating body oil mist that leaves your skin moisturized, soft, and glowing with a sensual scent to ignite you from within. 

Ritual: Allow yourself an extra few moments after your bath and shower to hydrate skin and provide you with glow you’ll be able to carry with you throughout the day. 

Turn even the quickest shower into a self-love moment with this creamy body wash. It leaves a delicate smell on your skin, a reminder that no, you didn't imagine it—you did have a moment of self-love today.

Benefits For Your Skin and Your Mood: Cleanses skin without stripping it of its protective surface oils and leaves a lingering sweet and sultry scent to the skin to enhance your mood. 

Ritual: Utilize the few moments you have while washing your body to reaffirm the things you love about yourself. 

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